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Supernatrural Shades ✌︎︎ Manic Panic Hair Dye Tiger's Eye Cobra Cattail Bat Outta Hell Blue Panther

Supernatrural Shades ✌︎︎ Manic Panic Hair Dye Tiger's Eye Cobra Cattail Bat Outta Hell Blue Panther

Manic Panic

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Tested on celebrities, not animals™.

We finally made them! 5 brand new Manic Panic shades in natural colors! The same conditioning formula so you can go brown without the damage! We know most natural color hair dyes can be damaging and notoriously difficult to remove, and there might be times you want to go brown first just a couple of weeks before you go back to vivid colors again!! With our new supernatural shades , you'll be able to seamlessly switch back and forth!

🎨 Perfect For:
🖌️ Going back to brown or black without the damage and commitment.
🖌️ Adding panels of natural color to half and half and color block looks (which is so on-trend)!
🖌️ Mixing into other colors to add in a more subtle natural vibe.
🖌️ Diluting to a dusty pink so you can go rose gold!
🖌️ Using on to add extra depth of color to light brown hair!


- a rich, copper-toned hair dye with warm red undertones. Bold and fiery Auburn hair is subtle and strong! Have natural red hair but just want a vivid boost to your color? We got you covered! For best results use on pre-lightened hair! Since Tiger's Eye is naturally warm it can be used on most blonde hair levels. Need a color to add to pump up the oomph and make sure you get the pigment you need? Try adding in some Psychedelic Sunset for added staying power and pop!

- a light cocoa brown hair dye with chestnut undertones! For best results use on pre-lightened hair! Cobra has a warm undertone so it should work well on natural blonde hair but always make sure to strand test to see if it will work on your hair level! If you’d like to punch up this brown to make sure it will cover your base tone, try adding in a few drops of Raven or Blue Panther to your mix!

- a mid-toned chocolate brown hair dye. Cattail has rich, warm undertones so it can well on most blonde hair levels but for best results use on pre-lightened hair! If you’d like to punch up this shade, try adding in a few drops of Raven or Blue Panther to your mix (especially If you're using it on unbleached hair)!

- a dark, espresso brown hair dye with warm undertones. This shade is here to stand out and be taken seriously! For best results use on pre-lightened hair or add to your current natural light brown hair for added pigment and intensity!

- a rich, deep violet-blue hair dye with cool blue/purple undertones. For best results, use this dark, velvety shade on pre-lightened hair! Please note that since Blue Panther is so pigmented, it should work well on most hair levels but due to its blue undertone, it can clash with very orangey base tones on virgin, unbleached hair! Blue Panther can also be added into lighter colors like Amethyst Ashes to punch up their vibrancy and staying power!

How many 4oz containers of Manic Panic hair color should I buy?

  • Short Hair up to Bob Length: 1 jar/bottle for thin or thick hair.
  • Below the Shoulder up to Waist Length: 2 jars/bottles for thin hair and 2-3 for thick hair.
  • Tailbone or Longer: 3 or more jars for thin or thick hair.


  • Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
  • Ingredients: Vegan Friendly, PPD Free!
  • Additional Features: Benefits of Conditioning Hair, Resealable Tub For Longer Use, Comes With Instructions, Longer Lasting Formula with 30% More Pigment
  • Duration: up to 6-8 weeks with proper hair care

6-8 Weeks of Color

Our Semi-Permanent Hair Colors Shine Brighter And Bolder For Much, MUCH Longer Than Other Dye Brands.

Easy to Apply

Your Hair, Your Vision, Your Way! Get A Salon-Quality Dye Job In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Vegan Products

100% Vegan And Cruelty Free Since ‘77. You Can Always Count On Manic Panic To Bring The Guilt-Free Glamour.



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